Are you ready for business to pick up?

Web sites & SEO go hand in hand

Are you ready for business to pick up?


Typically August is a lazy, hazy kind of month. Lots of people are jamming in that last week of vacation and many are getting the kids ready to go back to school. Come September the work routine returns and things are humming again. Are you ready? Are you positioned to get good traffic? Take a look at what happened with this client:


Earlier this year Wendy Juergens, a fellow member of the Tri-Town Chamber, asked me to look at her site. She and her husband Buddy own Pump Grump, a local septic pumping service and things had been really slow. Wendy said she’d worked with someone else locally and didn’t get the results she was hoping for and asked what I could do to help. I did a Comprehensive Site Review and found some things that needed attention. She received an Action Plan in which I spelled out what we were going to do every month for the next six months and what the costs would be. Three months into it she told me that business was much improved! The site is getting lots of activity and they’ve received more e-mail inquiries than ever. She reports that Pump Grump has had a sixty percent increase in new customers for the months of June and July due to steady inquiries from the website.


I love hearing this kind of news!!


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