Is your business among the sites being searched?

Google Search

Is your business among the sites being searched?


According to 94% of consumers use the web to research products or retailers before making a purchase. 69% research product features, 68% compare prices and 58% locate items online before going to a store to shop. Retailers and manufacturers must understand this consumer behavior trend in order to reach shoppers, educate them, serve them and earn their loyalty.

Here are three basic strategies to make sure your site is working with the search engines:

  1. Keyword Research.
    Do you know the terms that the public is using to search for your service or product? Because you are immersed in your business every day you use industry terminology. Many times your prospective client hasn’t learned those terms yet and may be searching for something else.
  2. Put those terms in the Meta Tags.
    Meta tags contain the text that you see on the Google Search Results Page that entices Searchers to click into your site. Those tags should describe what’s on that single page, not the whole web site, and should be stuffed with the words found during Keyword Research.
  3. Inbound links.
    Links from other sites to yours increase your Google Page Rank. There are a variety of places you can acquire these links. Google Places and Yahoo Local are the top. Business directories and links on strategic partners sites are excellent! The more relevant they are to your business the more weight they carry.


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