Have you Ever Done a Two-Step?

2-Step Marketing

Have you Ever Done a Two-Step?


No, I’m not talking about dancing (although I do love to dance!). I’m talking about postcard marketing.


A two-step postcard gets mailed to your target market with an offer to generate interest – not a sale. The idea is to get them to visit a landing page on your website that talks only about this particular offer on the postcard. When they go to the landing page the registration form is presented first so you immediately capture their information and add them to your list.


To do this you need:
1. A clear offer with a great benefit of your product or service.
2. A reason to contact you NOW.
3. An easy way for them to get more information.


Postcards are fairly inexpensive and postage is only 28 cents so you save a little there too. You can mail a handful at a time or mail to the entire list.


In order to get them to visit your website you could offer a free report. It could be something informative that your clients are always asking you about. For example, I just got a postcard from a personal training franchise who’s offering a free week, a free report on “How to Safely Lose 12-30 lbs” and a free download of their “Fat Burning Diet”. (Who can’t use that this time of year?!) I offer a free Evaluation Report on your website and a free 1-hour consultation. I’m sure you could come up with something valuable of your own.


If you’d like more information on doing a two-step please call 508-697-4027, email or schedule an appointment for a consultation. Those who contact us before December 15, 2010 will receive 10% off their next project.