Some retro things look really cool!

Dust off your website!

Some retro things look really cool!

But leaving your web site unchanged for years isn’t cool!

I don’t know about your business, but if it’s like ours, it’s always changing, improving and offering new or updated products and/or services. We all know businesses don’t run themselves and succeed. They need to be managed at every level and if not done, your business can become stagnant. Management of your web site is a critical step in the process. If tucked away in a corner to collect dust you may loose the best vehicle you have to get these changes and updates noticed.


At Simple Wizardry, we just went through the site re-design process ourselves because we have so many updated services (check it out!). Now the site goes more in-depth about the services we offer and the clients we specialize in. It explains what search engine optimization and internet marketing are and how they benefit your business. And if you need some product data sheets or post cards it explains we offer desktop publishing too.


Could your web site use a little dusting off? Let your clients know what you’ve been up to! Schedule a free 1-hour consultation to find out what a re-design or regular updates can do for you.


All new web site re-design projects started before October 15, 2010 will receive a choice of either 10% off the project or a 4-month payment plan.

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