7 Tips to help your website rank well with Google

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7 Tips to help your website rank well with Google

Most people don’t go beyond the first page when they do a search so it’s critical to rank well with the search engines if you want your website to be found. Here are some tips to help you get there:

  1. Google reads text, not images
    Images won’t help your ranking but they do draw attention to a visitor. Make sure there’s an ALT tag attached to the photo, a caption or a short description. Using keywords would  in them would be even better.
  2. Research the keywords people are using to search for your products or services.
    I have seen where the plural word brings in as much as 10X more searches as compared to the singular word. You need to check this before writing your copy so it reads well.
  3. Write good descriptions for the meta tags using the right keywords.
    Can you even imagine how many home pages of websites have the word “Home” as their title tag? You need to stand out in order to be found. Write a description that tells searchers a bit about your services/products or put in a phone number. Use whatever is valuable to your customers.
  4. Write good quality content for your pages.
    If all your pages have thin content it may hurt your ranking. Make sure the content is relative to your business and easy to read.
  5. Frequently updated content keeps search engines coming back.
    If you don’t have a site with constantly changing items then you should consider adding a blog to your website. Display new projects or products. Talk about trends in the industry. Write about case studies ….
  6. Share your posts on social media.
    Sharing your posts helps drive traffic back to your site.
  7. If your target market is always on their cell make sure your site is mobile-friendly.
    Any site that is not mobile friendly will not come up on a search on a mobile device. If you count on those hits for your business make sure your site is mobile friendly!

If you’re wondering if your site hits all the points above we’d be happy to do a Site Analysis and create an Action Plan for you. We’ll review the site and come up with a plan to increase traffic and improve your rank. Just fill out our convenient form or call us at 508-697-4027.